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10,500ft Falling Illini

Join for major discounts on all jumps! Whether you are an experienced jumper, someone looking to cross skydiving off your bucket list, or anything in-between, the Falling Illini is for you!

100 Strong Coordinating Committee (100 Strong)

The 100 Strong program will serve to systemically aclimate incoming African American freshman to the campus environment and to the programs and offices that were created to enhance academic and social success.

104°: The Illini Hot Tub Club (Hot Tub Club)

A social club geared towards de-stressing from campus life by hot tubbing!

1867 Society (1867)

To promote Illini pride and spirit through student philanthropy and individual giving.

3Spot Dance Troupe

Dance Performance Group

4-H House Cooperative Sorority (4-H House)

To provide affordable housing for women at the University of Illinois who have a leadership background.

A Novel Idea

A social book club that promotes discussion, ideas, fun activities, and volunteer work in a friendly atmosphere.

A Taste of China Club (Chinese cooking club)

As all know, Chinese cuisines are delicious and require special ways to cook. Our club serves to exchange and teach cooking skills, make freshmen more like home in UIUC, and fundraising for the poor this way.

Aahana at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Aahana at UIUC)

A non-profit organization working in the United States and India to empower individuals to be the agents of their own change. We strive to abolish ignorance through the education of social inequalities to empower communities in India.

Acacia Fraternity (Acacia)

Heth chapter of Acacia Fraternity, an international social fraternity with 33 chapters in the U.S. and Canada. Mission is Human Service.

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