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"Hear My Voice..." (HMV)

This faculty-guided, Student-Produced multimedia, web publication will assist in Creating Pathways & Supporting Diverse Voices of Inclusivity for media distribution. The staff is comprised of students and faculty across disciplines.

10,500ft Falling Illini

Join for major discounts on all jumps! Whether you are an experienced jumper, someone looking to cross skydiving off your bucket list, or anything in-between, the Falling Illini is for you!

100 Strong Coordinating Committee (100 Strong)

The 100 Strong program will serve to systemically aclimate incoming African American freshman to the campus environment and to the programs and offices that were created to enhance academic and social success.

104°: The Illini Hot Tub Club (Hot Tub Club)

A social club geared towards de-stressing from campus life by hot tubbing!

1867 Society (1867)

To promote Illini pride and spirit through student philanthropy and individual giving.

3Spot Dance Troupe

Dance Performance Group


A network of concert-goers who frequent the venue Canopy Club.

4-H House Cooperative Sorority (4-H House)

To provide affordable housing for women at the University of Illinois who have a leadership background.

7Elements (7E)

7elements is a Dominican Republic based, non-government organization founded in 2010. We align our efforts with the 7 elements of human security: Economic, Environmental, Food, Health, Political, Personal and Community. Our belief is that these elements.


8 to CREATE is a group of art-minded students who organize public art events in which 8 artists have 8 hours to create 8 large-scale drawings. Students gain practical experience in all aspects of planning art shows.

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